About Us


 The first producer of Sewing Attachments & Folders in Turkey - was founded in 1974 by Selami Surucu. The company began manufacturing in a small workshop in Cagalolu (Istanbul) and today, continues to serve textile industry worldwide with 20 personnel, a Head Office in Unkapani and a Manufacturing Factory & Showroom over 1000 sqm indoor area in Umraniye. Surucu is a well established family firm, mainly, producing sewing machine attachments and folders for manufacture of trousers, training wears, underwears, shirts, bed quilt attachments, towel bathrobes and cases attachments. We also supply connectors for these. Main parts of our products are made of BA 304 type stainless sheets and we use laser cutting machine which results in clean and burr free edges. Connection parts are made of HRP type metal and binded with tin. If extra strength is needed we also prefer silver instead. Our company policy is to provide our customers with worldclass high quality products and constant innovation. Surucu products are manufactured to meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency. We provide an environment where customer’s needs are analyzed and maximized by implementing practices of attachments and folders on real sewing machines. This methodology eliminate errors that may arise in practice. Customers play an important role in our strategies when achieving success and excellence and will continue to be our key focus when developing products. Surucu aims % 100 percent customer satisfaction. To achiece this goal, we utilize high-tech machines, high-skilled workers and periodical research & development works. Customer’s special needs are handled with care and attachments and folders for new garment designs can be innovated in a short time by our experts. One of the keys to our success has been our ability to listen to our customers and react quickly and effectively to meet their needs. Acting on customer input is one of the key points playing important role in our success. Providing and managing the customer relationship is a company-wide task. The long-term success of Surucu depends upon a deep understanding of textile industry needs and response it with satisfactory quality. Blending the best of Surucu's heritage with new attributes maintains and enhances our competitiveness in the market. We rely on teamwork by providing a collaborative environment and make efort on finding new and better ways of reaching the best. Teamwork brings experience and good skills together in ways that help us continue raising the bar on our success. Surucu believes in fostering an environment where highly motivated, action-oriented employees work together to continuously output and deliver high-quality, innovative products and services. Surucu has supplied many different leading textile companies up to now and exported to countries like Italy, France, Poland, Norway, Ukraine, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, India, Egypt. As a member of KOSGEB, Surucu continues to grow worldwide by the combination of it's vision, mission, experince and know-how heritance. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, SURUCU is the right place. We would be glad to serve you. beyaz.net - bilisim - network - web uygulamalari